ooyala-logoVideo platform company Ooyala just announced that Jay Fulcher, who was president and chief executive of Agile Software when it sold to Oracle for $495 million, is its new chief executive and president.

The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., and founded by a group of former Googlers, revealed last month that it had been looking for a new chief executive. Co-founder and then-chief executive Bismarck Lepe said the search was his decision, not investor Sierra Ventures‘. Lepe is now Ooyala’s president of product strategy. As for Fulcher, in addition to leading Agile’s acquisition, he has also held senior positions at PeopleSoft, Red Pepper Software, and SAP.

Meanwhile, despite questions about whether video startups can make serious money, the company says it’s doing well, providing the technology that allows more than 500 corporate/media customers to deliver high-quality online video, including Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., and Sybase. That’s less surprising when you realize that the reports of video monetization difficulties have been at consumer-focused services, not platforms like Ooyala, which are aimed at businesses. For example, video startup Joost is now hoping it can find better luck by selling video services to companies.

Ooyala raised $10 million in venture funding. I’ve embedded a video (powered by Ooyala, naturally) of Fulcher and the company’s founders, below. In it, he describes Ooyala as a company “whose time has come,” because of the convergence of traditional and online media. On his immediate to-do list, Fulcher says, is to “really, frankly, just do a better job of expanding and preparing the company for that scale.”