sayandwinWho says Tweeting is a waste of time? Now you can get rewarded with as much as $2,500 in cash for the short messages you post on Twitter and Facebook., a new venture launched by Publishers Clearing House, is offering a sweepstakes contest that lets people enter just by offering status updates.

The New York-based company will offer users the chance to win instant prizes if they Tweet from its client. To enter, you go to the web site and enter your information. Then you can do updates directly from the site that will show up on both Facebook and Twitter.

While Publishers Clearing House hits older audiences with its paper-based contests, the company wanted to figure out how to reach younger audiences. So it formed a new division through its incubator group, said Craig Aron, manager of digital and emerging media for Publishers Clearing House Online Network. The idea is to integrate contests into something that people are already doing every day.

“This was born from the challenge of how to get our brand into the social space,” Aron said.

Instant win prizes include $100, $500 and $2,500 in cash as well as Amazon Gift cards ranging from $1 to $50. Before you start spamming the universe with Tweets, listen up. You can only enter as many as 25 times in one 24-hour period. After that, your Tweets don’t earn you more contest entries. After you submit an update, a pop-up box instantly tells you if you have won. will notify you via email on how to collect your prize. currently monetizes via Google AdSense ads that run just under the status update line on its client. So it has figured out how to make money from Twitter even before Twitter has done so. In the future, will offer its own ad engine that will display contextually relevant ads. If you Tweet about buying cars, for instance, it could show you a car ad. Over time, will support other social networks too.

The Publishers Clearing House Online Network has about 5 million unique visitors per month., started earlier this year, has three employees and is being incubated by the Publishers Clearing House Incubation Group. Aron co-founded the group with Dennis Vukelic, the marketing head for the unit.