schmidtTech sector may actually be rebounding — The New York Times pulls together data points and anecdotes from all over to back up Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement after yesterday’s impressive earnings report, “The worst of the recession is clearly behind us and because of what we have seen, we now have the confidence to be optimistic about our future.”

rajSEC charges billionaire hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam with insider trading — A complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Manhattan federal court claims Rajaratnam “is not the astute study of company fundamentals or marketplace trends that he is widely thought to be,” said Robert Khuzami, director of the commission’s Division of Enforcement. “Raj Rajaratnam is not a master of the universe, but rather a master of the rolodex.”

ellisonOracle wraps up annual conference with a new target: IBM — Larry Ellison played to his loyal audience of Oracle admins and developers at this week’s Oracle OpenWorld show by offering $10 million to anyone who can find an application that doesn’t run twice as fast on a Sun server as it does on a comparable IBM server setup. Oracle engineers separately announced a new speed record for the important TPC-C and tmpC benchmark tests, on a system that uses one-eighth the hardware of and draws one-fourth the electrical power of IBM’s benchmark configuration.

android-2Android 2.0 screenshot walkthrough — Boy Genius Report has published a helpful set of screenshots from a pre-release build of Google’s Android 2.0 mobile phone and netbook operating system. Microsoft Exchange compatibility is is built into the OS now, rather than tacked on, says Boy Genius. There’s a unified inbox where email messages and social network status updates are merged. Ironically, it’s Google’s Gmail that isn’t compatible with Android’s unified inbox.

smaatoSmaato’s Mobile Advertising Awards winners — The San Francisco-based mobile ad optimizer gave out five awards that, when you put them in a list, demonstrate that mobile advertising is maturing compared to even one year ago. Smaato’s winners:

brokenThe mobile Web is not the PC Web in oh so many annoying little ways — GigaOm writer Colin Gibbs analyzes the failings of the cellphone-based Internet to date. Yankee Group reviewed 27 mobile websites and gave only four a passing grade. Gibbs agrees with me that Apple’s iPhone Safari browser makes the mobile Internet look much, much more advanced than it actually is.