global innovationIf you’re looking for the next, you might find it in one of the videos below.

True, there’s a big gap between presenting making a video about a cool idea (which is how these 22 student groups won this year’s Global Innovation Tournament) and building a successful finance startup that gets acquired by Intuit, but hey, you never know …

These winners were selected from around 1,000 participants at high schools and universities around the world. They were all given eight days to come up with a startup idea around the theme of “make money saving fun,” and to present their idea in a short web video. The videos were whittled in several rounds to the 22 winners here, who will be featured on the Global Innovation website. (No, it’s not a big-money contest.) I was part of the final selection committee.

The tournament was organized by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and sponsored by finance software company Intuit. Jan Bosch, the company’s vice president of open innovation, told me that Intuit didn’t choose the money-saving theme, but was pleased to sponsor a contest where the theme was “well-aligned” with the company mission.

“Students really have found elements — not completely new business ideas, but elements — of new innovative thinking that’s beneficial for them as a kind of training and learning perspective,” Bosch said. “And from an ideation perspective, Intuit benefited from getting the different perspective of university students and high school students.”

Here are the winning videos. I’ve embedded them as Apture links, rather than including them directly into the post, so that you don’t have to wait for 22 videos to load — just click on the team name and the video will pop up in a small window. In a few cases, the videos are hosted by Chinese video site YouKu (which doesn’t support embeds, apparently), and the link takes you to the relevant YouKu page.