iphone_moneyShoppers are doing more holiday gift-buying from their mobile phones, according to new numbers from eBay. The e-commerce giant says users purchased 1.5 million eBay items from either the eBay mobile website or the company’s iPhone application over the recent holiday season. That’s three times the amount sold during the same period last year.

Just as eye-catching as the overall numbers are some of the individual purchases that eBay describes. I’m used to thinking of my iPhone as a place where I might make cheap, impulse purchases, but eBay says there were some big deals made on mobile phones, including the purchase of a $75,000 1966 Chevrolet Corvette, a $19,000 boat, and a $10,000 Steinway grand piano. I imagine these are buyers who decide on an item while on their computer and just happened to make the final bid on their phone.

Overall, eBay says the site’s mobile transactions added up to half a billion dollars in 2009. The iPhone app has been downloaded nearly 6 million times, while the mobile site gets 750,000 unique visits per day.