amimonThere’s a tit for tat war going on between the different technologies vying to become the standard for moving high-definition video around in the home wirelessly.

Today, Amimon, an Israeli wireless chip maker in one of the camps, is announcing that it has signed up LG Electronics to use its chips in its latest high-definition TVs. LG will use the Amimon technology in its TVs to transfer 1080p resolution high-definition video around the home.

LG is using Amimon’s second-generation chip set, the AMN2120/2220. Earlier this week, SiBEAM announced that it had won over a different TV maker, Vizio, which sells the most TVs in the U.S.

Amimon’s technology uses the 5-gigahertz spectrum to transfer data and is the basis of the Wireless Home Digital Interface standard. SiBEAM uses the 60-gigahertz band and is backing the Wireless HD standard. A third group, WiGig, is touting a combination of Wi-Fi and 60-gigahertz technologies. Amimon contends that its technology is better because it can transfer data around 100 meters and can penetrate walls.

The WHDI standard group is announcing new companies have joined as contributors: Haier, Maxim, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba. Additionally, these companies have joined as WHDI Adopters: AmTRAN, Domo Technologies, Elmo, Gemtek, Gospell Smarthome Electronics, Hosiden, Murata, QMI, Seamon Science International, TDK, and Zinwell.  The original WHDI promoters are: Amimon, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.