ning-logo Ning, the company that lets you build your own social network, crossed the two-million network mark this month. Co-founded by Marc Andreessen, Ning helps people create niche social networks around special interests from social justice to late-night comedy shows. The Palo Alto-based company now has 41 million members across its networks, adding 1 million new communities since April of last year.

The company also retooled its Twitter integration today, letting people change the attribution on their tweets. When you normally tweet, a tiny line under your tweet will show where you sent it from, whether that’s, Seesmic or Tweetie. Ning will let you send tweets and have them appear as if they’ve been sent from your social network. (See the example below.)


The company, which was co-founded by Marc Andreessen, was valued at $750 million during its last fundraising round. The company also upgraded its logo and redesigned its site to help users find more networks to join.