The local search and recommendation service Where announced today that it’s finally bringing its substantial search offering to the web at Users will also be able to synchronize saved items across the web and Where’s mobile apps.

Where’s claim to fame is its immensely useful mobile application which goes by the same name. The app allows you to search for restaurants, entertainment, news, and more based on your location. It’s currently available for iPhone, Android, Palm WebOS, and Blackberry platforms.

Where’s new website marks the first time the company has brought its service outside of mobile devices. It also makes Where a more direct competitor to Yelp — which also offers a robust web and mobile presence, along with synchronization across both. Where recently launched Check-In support as well, something which was made popular by services like Foursquare, and is another feature shared by Yelp.

As a fan of Where’s mobile offering, I think it’s about time that the company has brought its service to the web. It’s likely that Where’s mobile apps will continue to be the most popular aspect of its service, but the web presence will still be useful to familiarize new users with the brand, and will offer additional functionality for existing users.

Where recently launched its own mobile advertising service with Where Ads. There’s no telling if there will be some integration with Where Ads and It’s unlikely since Where Ads is mobile-focused, but I could also see some use for the discounts featured in Where Ads on

Where launched as a service of Boston-based uLocate Communications, but the company has just announced that it’s officially changing its name to Where Inc. The company has received funding from Kodiak Venture Partners, GrandBanks Capital, and Venrock.