Prepare to have your minds blown. Adobe has released a sneak peek at one of the upcoming features, Content-Aware Fill, in the new version of image-editing software Photoshop. The feature allows you to retouch images so easily that there just has to be sorcery involved.

In the video demonstration below, product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes starts off by demonstrating how the feature can easily eliminate trash and a few distant poles in a photo. Simple enough — but then he goes on to remove an entire tree from the image within a few seconds.

The demonstration builds in scope from there. He shows us a desert image with a road that needs to be removed. Content-Aware Fill manages to remove the entire road, and replaces it with desert imagery that’s indistinguishable from its surroundings. He then moves on to a typical panoramic image with incomplete edges — at which point you just have to brace yourself, because you know what’s coming.

After a few seconds of computing, Content-Aware Fill manages to fill out the entirety of the panaromic image’s edges — seemingly out of nothing.

I’ve chatted with a few heavy Photoshop users who say that it’s technically possible to do everything the feature does already, except that it has to be done manually and takes forever. The beauty of Content-Aware Fill is that it brings powerful editing capabilities — that were previously only accessible to experts — to the common user.

Here are a couple responses to the video from my Twitter followers:

“A friend’s response to seeing that video. ‘it’s a WITCH'” – @sickrubick

“The next Photoshop wields the power of the gods.” – @winglmui

Adobe previously unveiled a similar feature for resizing images, dubbed Content-Aware Scaling, in Photoshop CS4. The company is planning a launch event for Photoshop CS5, and the rest of the CS5 suite, on April 12.

[via Gizmodo]