Here’s the latest action:

HP leaks details about tablet — Hewlett-Packard’s Slate, a tablet meant to compete with Apple’s iPad, will have 64 gigabytes of memory and sell for a little less than $600, according to information leaked today.

FTC moves to block Google’s AdMob buy — The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced that it believes Google’s acquisition of online advertising network AdMob violates antitrust regulations, and that it will recommend that the federal government take action to stop the deal.

Landis+Gyr looks for $165 million — The major smart meter maker says it has landed a deal to bring in $165 million more for mass deployment of meters around the world. The funding round, provided by firms including DLJ Merchant Banking, is slated to close before the end of April, the company says.

Will Facebook reinvest in its own apps? — As the social network grows, will it institute its “Credits” virtual currency as the standard mode of payment on its popular Facebook Platform for applications? Inside Facebook examines where the company may be headed in its application strategy and how it plans to derive more revenue from it.

HP touts ‘future of chips’ — The computing giant says it is rolling out a next generation class of switches called memristors (short for memory resistors) that could store data without requiring an electrical current, effectively replacing transistors.

Q4 saw record online ad revenue — Online advertising revenue rose to $6.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009, a record figure. However, annual revenue dipped about 3.4 percent between 2008 and 2009. The Interactive Advertising Bureau has all the stats.

Significant others everywhere are big snoops — About one-third of people snoop on their partners’ email accounts or phone call histories, according to a new poll conducted by Retrevo. The under-25 set are especially big offenders, but 36 percent of married couples are also affected by cyber-spying.

Best Buy sells out of iPads — The electronics retailer announced today that it has sold all of its iPads in stock across its 673 U.S. locations. But forlorn shoppers can still find them at Apple stores in California in New York.

Romania cracks down on cyberthiefs — The Eastern European country sent its police into the streets today to take 70 alleged cyber-criminals into custody. Those arrested supposedly hail from three gangs participating in phishing schemes and identity theft on sites like eBay.