Update: I’ve chosen a winner. Congrats to Gofeedit, and thanks to everyone else for their thoughtful comments!

Eric Ries, who cofounded virtual worlds startup IMVU, is devoting a conference next week to his idea of the lean startup. It sounds like there will be lots of valuable content, but if you’re a hungry entrepreneur who isn’t sure about paying full price ($750 for an individual ticket), read on.

The Startup Lessons Learned conference (which shares its name with Ries’s popular blog) will take place on April 23 in San Francisco. The overriding theme is the lean startup methodology, where a combination of low costs and faster development cycles means that, in Ries’ words, “instead of building our companies according to myths, we can guide them with facts and the knowledge required to use those facts well.” Speakers will include serial entrepreneur Steve Blank; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Randy Komisar; and Kent Beck, who developed the test-driven programming and extreme programming methods.

To help get entrepreneurs into the conference, Ries has worked with a number of sponsors to offer free and discounted tickets — in fact, Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital and Floodgate were all just announced as sponsors. And thanks to a scholarship offered by analytics startup Kissmetrics, we have a free ticket for a VentureBeat reader.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below about why you deserve the ticket. I’ll select the winner at 5:30pm Pacific time, so please leave your comment before then. You can also buy a ticket here.