Dutch augmented reality startup Layar has launched a store for special layers of information and graphics that you can superimpose on the world around you through your cell phone. Augmented reality is a nascent technology that can make the real world resemble Terminator vision. (Imagine holding up your camera viewfinder and seeing content tags pointing out places to go.)

Publishers can create and sell special augmented reality layers that tag places with information like real estate listings or restaurants.

The store already has a few products. Travel-guide publisher Berlitz has an augmented reality layer pointing out hotels and places to shop, while EyeTour is selling an augmented reality layer for tourists in Puerto Rico. iPhone app E-Ticket is offering a similar layer for Disneyland and Disney World.

Layar will handle payment processing in multiple currencies and markets for both iPhones and Android devices. Right now, it’s using PayPal to support the U.S., U.K., Canadian and Australian markets.

Layar splits the proceeds with publishers 60-40. The company says the 40 percent it takes covers the legal, administrative and banking costs of running the store.

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