It’s no secret that the best way to find a job is often through a friend.

The job search engine SimplyHired is finding a way to tap into that with Facebook integration launching today. It lets you look up jobs at companies based on where your friends work and encourages you to reach out to them to make a personal connection.

The San Francisco-based company, which now has 70 employees and attracts 10 million unique visitors a month, will let you see a directory of where your friends work by company or by geographic area, provided they decide to share that information on Facebook. You can also get a rundown of facts, like the most popular employers among your friends.

“We want to create a job search experience that mimics offline behavior,” said chief executive Gautam Godhwani. “And the most natural thing to do when looking for a job is to connect with people you know.”

SimplyHired has had three venture-backed rounds of funding, with the most recent one last fall from IDG Ventures and Foundation Capital. The company earns revenue primarily through advertising and is about breakeven on a cash-flow basis. It indexes 3.5 million jobs and displays them on widgets across 10,000 sites.