Facebook is set to launch its first large Asian office in Indian tech hub Hyderabad within two months, and plans to add 500 employees in the region, according to the Economic Times, an Indian newspaper.

[Update: The social network said the 500-employee number was “speculation.”

“We have announced we will open an office in Hyderabad (online sales and user support) and will grow this office in line with the business needs,” said spokesperson Debbie Frost.]

Facebook, which has nearly 9.3 million adult users in India, is reportedly investing $150 million into the project initially, the newspaper said. The social network has been on an expansion tear recently, announcing intentions to open offices in Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas.

The company will build its 50,000-sq. ft. offices in the Raheja Mindspace special economic zone, a senior government official told the Economic Times. These zones, called SEZ, have more liberal economic laws meant to attract foreign investment.

While the Hyderabad space will be the company’s first official office in Asia, it does have employees on the continent. The company allowed the engineers it brought on-board through the talent acquisition of contact importing startup Octazen Solutions to work remotely from Malaysia.

[Image via WAT Blog, homepage photo via mckaysavage]