Here’s the latest action:

No more flesh on Flash — The founder of well-known porn empire Digital Playground says that the site will be moving away from Adobe Flash as soon as HTML is fully supported by desktop browsers. ConceivablyTech identifies the porn industry as a surprising ally for Apple.

Google’s taking another run at social — After Buzz failed to impress, the search giant is trying again to leap into social networking, according to Quora co-founder Adam D’Angelo. He says the company will be placing a higher priority on the project, dubbed “Google Me,” and dedicating more resources to ensure its success.

Google PowerMeter architect defects — Ed Lu, the long-time spokesman for Google’s PowerMeter and other energy efforts, has left the company to write a book on his experiences as an Astronaut before he joined the search company. What will this mean for the energy management tool’s business model?

PayPal with no stringsThe online payment platform has announced that it will offer a new service for developers, allowing their apps to accept credit card payments without buyers first needing a PayPal account.

Facebook hits 60,000 servers — The social networking site’s servers now number above 60,000, twice the amount it had just six months ago, indicating the company’s rapid growth. The figure was estimated in a report just released by DataCenterKnowledge.

NYU launching venture fund — The university announced that it is starting a $20 million seed fund to identify promising technologies developed by students and to help them found their own startups. Here is the press release.

TechCrunch tunes in to TV — The technology news site has finally launched its television property, which will broadcast original programs featuring TechCrunch reporters discussing the day’s hottest news items. Relatively new hire Evelyn Rusli will be anchoring these conversations.

Froyo rolling out to Nexus OnesAndroid 2.2 is being deployed over the air to all Nexus One smartphones. Users will receive a message on their phones’ notification bars that they can simply click to initiate the software update. The new edition comes with support for in-browser Adobe Flash and the ability to turn your phone into a wireless hotspot.

Xtreme Power bags $18M — The advanced battery maker has raised $18 million of an anticipated $29 million round of funding in order to churn out 2 gigawatts worth of grid-scale batteries on an annual basis. Earth2Tech has more.