For technology to spread beyond geeks, it has to have the same kind of appeal as high fashion. The enthusiasts can appreciate it, but so can the mass market.

That’s the thinking behind Digital Summer, the second annual party thrown by the Ubergizmo tech blog in the name of technology, art and fashion. You could argue that Apple’s Steve Jobs — who likes to say that Apple is a marriage of technology and the liberal arts — started this trend and everyone is copying it. But there weren’t any Apple products on display at this event. That shows the vision of tech as fashion is actually infused throughout the technology industry now.

The event combined geek chic computers and mobile devices with a live fashion show from Bay Area fashion designers. There were hundreds of folks jammed into the trendy Temple bar in San Francisco. Eliane Fiolet, publisher of Ubergizmo, organized the event. She said there were more than 1,300 RSVPs, compared to about 900 attendees last year. The crowd was prettier than you normally see at an all-geek affair. There were people from tech, fashion, art, design and photography present.

Fiolet said she and co-founder Hubert Nguyen came up with the idea for Digital Summer after attending hundreds of tech events where the majority of the attendees were men.

Sponsors included Intel and Verizon Wireless. The Live Runway Fashion Show featured fashion from Colleen Quen Couture, Jan Warnock, Harputs OWN and Sofie Olgaard – Jewelry provided by Manika. Check out our photo spread below.

(1) This model is showing off one of HP’s Mini netbooks, which sport fancy designs on their covers. The picture at top is a version of the Mini that was designed by fashion creator Vivienne Tam.

(2) Intel showed off its concept design for an electronic touch-screen display in a department store. You can touch the side panel to select different designers or otherwise navigate through a store’s collection.

(3) Fiolet mingled with guests at the event. She wore a black BCBG Maxazria dress.

(4) Toshiba showed of its Portege R705 laptop among other designs. The machine sells for $889 and comes with the new Intel Wireless Display, which can broadcast the image on the laptop to any HDMI-(high definition multimedia interface) connected TV set.

(5) Check out all the different cameras that this geek-infested crowd used to take pictures of the runway models.

(6) Nguyen and Marie Domingo shared a hug at the entrance to the party. Nguyen was wearing his own Banana Republic outfit. Not exactly designer, but he looks sharp.

(7) Here’s some cool lighting geek toys.

(8) Runway models make their run. Their eyeballs are about to be stunned by 50 different flashes from many different types of cameras.

(9) Verizon showed off the invasion of the Droid phones. These Android-based Motorola phones are giving the iPhone a run for its money.

(10) She looks good, but doesn’t have enough technology accessories.

(11) Intel showed off a tablet computer aimed at measuring and monitoring your home energy usage.