Tech journalism, and tech companies, for me have always been about ideas and their ability to change the world. What matters is not only the strength of the light you can shed on a subject but what you choose to illuminate. For me, technology should either be delightful or do something important or both. Here are the articles I loved writing in 2010:

Augmented Reality: The Next generation because Terminator‘s augmented reality vision was as science fiction as it got when I was growing up in the 80s.

Two startups say they can keep your phone charged wherever you are and Coming soon.. a green laptop which runs on water. Because power is sexy.

Sproxil takes on Africa’s drug counterfeiters and M-health application emerge at mobile world congress. Mobile technology can save lives.

Afraid the clothes you buy online won’t fit? Get help from a robotic mannequin. Finally! Clothes shopping and robots in one package. What more could a tech girl want?

New book says we relate to computers like humans because our social lives with machines is so fascinating.

Women in tech: What to do now because even though I am sick of the whole subject, it’s an important one (and Arrington asked for it).

The SolSource solar oven wins 500K EU in the Green Challenge. The two winning entrepreneurs in the Green Challenge (both in their mid-20s) are among the most impressive I have encountered. And they let me share their champagne.

Can clean energy close India’s energy gap? Newsflash! Green products can have major social benefits and be good business, even when the customers are among the poorest people on the planet.

32 companies charging the supergrid. Power got even sexier.

Return of the celtic tiger: Can renewables refuel the Irish economy? My home country may currently be a byword for economic disaster but it’s not all bad news. Plus I got to compare Ireland to Amy Winehouse.

Abeo thinks BIG for its superlight structures. A big idea from a small company. Could revolutionalize the construction of concrete buildings.

ZenRobotics robot recyclers go for green in the CleanTech Open. More robots, this time replacing manual recycling.

Smart grid in Europe is all about renewables. Energy and food will be crucial resources of the 21st century. Europe leads the way in renewables.