nileguideTravel startup NileGuide just announced that it has acquired a site called 10Best, a move that chief executive Josh Steinitz says makes the San Francisco startup “one of, if not the, largest travel content publishers” online.

NileGuide started out as a “travel agent, tour guide, and concierge wrapped into one” but has since become focused on providing travel recommendations. That’s accomplished on the main NileGuide site with content from partners like Frommer’s, from the company’s local editors, and from the “Ask a Local” feature that NileGuide created after acquiring Q&A site Localyte last year.

10Best seems like a good match for the vision. As you can probably guess given the name, it features lists of “10 best” attractions, restaurants, and so on in different travel destinations. Steinitz said that unlike NileGuide, 10Best is “100 percent original, curated content” and that it performs better than NileGuide when it comes some travel spots in the United States (such as Savannah, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky). The site will continue to operate as its own entity, although Steinitz plans to start “cross-pollinating” NileGuide content onto 10Best and allowing advertisers to buy campaigns across the network of sites.

The terms of the purchase were not disclosed. Steinitz said he bought the site from a company called Enveritas — which, like, 10Best, is based in Greenville, South Carolina. Enveritas has become increasingly focused on its content marketing business, so it started to neglect 10Best. The deal was especially attractive, Steinitz said, because 10Best is profitable and receives 2 million visitors per month (compared to 1.1 or 1.2 million for NileGuide).

NileGuide has raised a total of $13 million from Austin Ventures, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Draper Richards, and KPG Ventures.