Vudu Streaming ServiceOn-demand streaming video service Vudu is adding support for web browsers to their already long list of platforms their customers can access content which includes televisions, Blu-ray players, the Playstation 3 and over 300 other devices.

With competition from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon it will be interesting to see how Vudu differentiates its own streaming video service.

The streaming video website will feature the same titles found on the digital storefront of all Vudu-connected devices. However, higher quality video and 3D versions of films, which may have been a big selling point to win customers to their service, won’t be available through a browsers.

Still, there is plenty of potential for the Wal-Mart-owned company to elbow their way into what’s becoming a crowded market where price points are already very low or free for content across the board.

Vudu doesn’t plan on stopping with Web browsers though. They plan to add support on any device that can connect to the internet, but more specifically tablet computing, according to a report from CNET.