MobileBeat 2011 — VentureBeat’s fourth annual conference on the future of mobile — is convening the brightest minds in the industry to explore who will win in what we’re calling “the 4G Nirvana.”

The mobile industry was already on fire. But the arrival of 4G wireless networking this year the will drive the industry through an even more radical transformation: Joined with faster mobile chips, new operating systems and tablets, the promise of full mobile computing is now a reality.

There’s no doubt that 4G is more than just a speed upgrade: It also brings less latency, which will allow for mobile gaming and cloud-based virtualization. In short, 4G will allow consumers to use the mobile internet like their home broadband connection, which will likely spur on untold innovation.

With Verizon recently rolling out its 4G LTE network and AT&T gearing up to do the same, 2011 will definitely be the year when we can begin to retire creaky old 3G networks.

Learn what Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Rovio, DeNA, and Zynga — along with the hottest mobile startups — are doing to leverage 4G.

We’re aware of the enormous synergy between mobile and games, which is why we’re co-locating MobileBeat 2011 with our third annual GamesBeat conference on July 12-13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Both events will have a number of congruent themes and overlapping sessions. We’re offering a joint pass that allows for full access to both events. You can register here.

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We’re looking forward to a great event!