This article is part of a series of posts about DEMO alumni and news of their progress. MightyMeeting launched at DEMO in Spring 2010. Check out more at DEMO.

As discussed in last week’s post about WebEx, mobile web conferencing capabilities are becoming a high priority for businesses. But where mobile-meeting heavyweights like WebEx and GoToMeeting remain on Android and iOS devices, underdog MightyMeeting went the webOS route.

MightyMeeting, which already operates on more traditional platforms, announced Friday that it is simultaneously launching with the HP TouchPad as the first mobile web conferencing app available on the device.

How do you compete against companies owned by the likes of Cisco and Citrix? For MightyMeeting, that meant building an app that takes advantage of the Touchpad’s webOS platform. Synergy and multitasking are often referenced when talking about the Touchpad. For MightyMeeting, synergy references the ability to sync all contact information for easy meeting set-up. You can invite people to join through almost all modes of communication including social media and excluding snail mail.

As for multitasking, your MightyMeetings will still run, even if you are not paying attention. Apps open in the HP Touchpad are subject to toggling, with activity running uninterrupted. Your colleague’s PowerPoint presentation will not pause on a slide if you are in the web browser or checking Facebook.

The company sees its demographic as businesspeople and hopes to take advantage of the consumerization of the enterprise. “People are buying their own tablets and using them at work,” said chief officer Dmitri Tcherevik. But they are also seeing traction with the education industry. Teachers and professors enjoy taking their research and presentations on the go. Presentations are also available where wifi is not because of the option to save content in-app. Tcherevik estimates that MightyMeeting is already used in thousands of schools.

MightyMeeting also takes pride in their quick meeting access. Participants are provided a “Room ID”, which they use to enter into MightyMeeting and then they are connected to the presentation. That’s it. To listen, dial the GoToMeeting-esque number provided right in the MightyMeeting app. Privacy may be a concern, as the only way to protect a meeting’s content is to create a secret Room ID. The speedy access for already on-the-go users is, however, a bonus for non-proprietary meetings.

MightyMeeting has 100k users and launched at DEMO in the spring of 2010.

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