CloudFlare CEO Matthew PrinceCloudFlare on Friday announced that it has partnered with translation service Smartling to make it possible to translate CloudFlare-optimized web sites in real time.

“With the launch of the Smartling CloudFlare app today, you no longer need to be a big company to ensure that the world can read your content,” CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince told VentureBeat. “If your site is on CloudFlare, with one click you can begin translating your site into a wide variety of languages.”

CloudFlare provides a finely tuned service that can improve the quality of any web site when it comes to speed and security. The company, which launched in September 2010, is already servicing a huge number of sites. A massive 265 million unique visitors passed through its network in the last 30 days.

Smartling, another hot startup that recently raised $10 million in new funding, already provides real-time translation services to Survey Monkey, Foursquare, Scribd and other sites. This is the first time the company has partnered with anyone else. The partnership with Smartling will benefit both companies in terms of reaching more customers and providing better overall services.

CloudFlare-optimized sites reach more than 200 countries, so language is a serious challenge it is trying to address. CloudFlare has added Smartling’s app in such a way that it will help with SEO across languages.

“If you have a site about cooking and someone in Korea searches for 닭 싸움하는 방법, now your site has a chance of first showing up in the search ranks, and it’s readable by the Korean searcher trying to learn how to broil a chicken,” Prince said. “That’s extremely powerful and fulfills the promise of the Internet in general, and CloudFlare in particular, of making information available to anyone in the world.”

In mid-July, San Francisco-based CloudFlare grabbed $20 million in a funding lead by New Enterprise Associates. Before that, it raised a much smaller $2.05 million.