ioCache Fusion-io, a flash storage company, announced its latest product ioCache, a virtualization solution that ties into the company’s focus on data center efficiency.

ioCache integrates flash memory and caching, or saving data in the cache for later use, to free up otherwise redundant actions in servers. This allows for faster data communication and more room for virtual computers on one server.

The product was born out of Fusion-io’s purchase of IO Turbine, a company specializing in caching for “virtual environments,” or multiple computers living on one physical device. The company purchased IO Turbine for $95 million in early August. The purchase was intended to further Fusion-io’s data center optimization goals.

Now, ioCache is allowing enterprises to do just that: squeeze as much virtualization juice out of their servers as possible.

When more virtual computers live one one server, costs go down even in the physical realm. When we think of virtualization, most people don’t consider the tangible toll of server upkeep. Cooling, powering and managing servers requires man hours, which can be expensive, not to mention how expensive servers themselves are. These costs are reduced when companies are able to downsize server purchases simply by adding more virtual computers to one closet.

According to Fusion-io chief executive David Flynn, the company was created for the era of cloud computing, replacing outdated computer storage technology. With “cloud” on the rise, the virtualization space getting attention with companies like Hotlink receiving funding for virtualization managment. Competitors  associated with Fusion-io’s enterprise storage business include EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and NetApp.

Jay Phillips, Fusion-io’s vice president of virtualization solutions, will present ioCache at the VMWorld, a virtualization conference, this Thursday.

Fusion-io was founded in 2006 and raised $115.5 million before its initial public offering of $233 million in June. The company’s founders David Flynn and Rick White are accompanied by Fusion-io chief scientist and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.  Fusion-io launched its first solid state memory disk at the DEMO conference in Fall 2008.

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