DJ StageA little over a month after launching, music curation social network has more than 85,000 registered members who have collectively made over a million friend connections through the service, the company announced today.

The “friend connections” metric the company cites is what distinguishes from being an exact clone of similar music curation service — which, by comparison, experienced 140,000 registered members in its first month. and are the first of a new breed of socially enhanced music services. The sites act as virtual dance clubs where people take turns playing music. However, has considerably better communication features, like tabs that list everyone in the room, a tab for friends and another for private messages.

“I think that one metric (friend connections) really defines how we’re positioning ourselves and how users are using our service,” CEO Nhon Ma told VentureBeat. “Our initial hypothesis was: Music is the commonality that brings everyone together but ultimately people interacting with each other would make it more fulfilling.”

In keeping with its social discovery experience, launched a new “buy a drink” feature. Using credits obtained by being a good DJ, users can purchase other members a drink for playing a run of consecutively good songs in a music room, having a cool avatar or just wanting to start a conversation.

Ma said eventually the company would like to add more virtual elements that mimic a real-life experience. The company also wants to branch out into video curation, as we previously reported.

The New York-based startup is a part of social media advertising startup Tenka, which was founded in May 2010 by Ma, Thomas Chau and Tim Zhou. The company has an undisclosed amount of funding by Great Oaks Venture Capital with additional angel investment by Jeff Fluhr.