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There is a fundamental disagreement about the value of and revenue models for distributing recorded music. The Spotify music streaming service was a runaway success in the U.K., but took well more than a year to gather the rights it needed to launch stateside. The lingering question about Pandora is how much it will pay for music rights when it renegotiates the rate in 2015. Turntable.fm, the media darling product launch of 2011, has an abundance of backers, but a scarcity of rights, something it’s actively working to address.

Meanwhile, investment dollars in the music space are slowly starting to rebound after a long quiet period. But are investors buying good properties low, or just throwing good money after bad? As these dynamics shift, the opportunities to discuss them need to shift as well.

Billboard’s FutureSound — taking place November 17-18 in San Francisco — will get decision-makers from all sides of this equation into focused, drill-down discussions on the major stumbling blocks and opportunities in the digital music and entertainment space. This will not be panel after panel of leaders in just one sector preaching to themselves in 20,000-foot platitudes.

Instead, this event will have a series of focused keynotes from the top minds in investment, technology and music today. A handful of presentations from thought leaders will offer specific solutions structured around answering the most pressing questions, then workshopping these ideas further backstage with additional experts to produce solution-oriented recommendations. The results will be published in the following week’s Billboard magazine and on Billboard.biz.

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Keynote speakers:
Ron Conway, Investor, SV Angels
Seth Goldstein, Chairman/Co-Founder, Turntable.fm

Billboard will also showcase both under-the-radar digital music startups defining tomorrow’s competitive landscape and cutting-edge musical acts during a party after the day wraps on Nov. 18, pulling in top names from what’s next in music in the way only Billboard can. Register today to learn and shape the discussion that will shape the music business.

Confirmed speakers include:
Jed Carlson, COO, Reverbnation
Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
Paul Geller, EVP Strategic Development, Grooveshark
Jack Isquith, SVP, Strategic Development, Slacker
David Israelite, President, NMPA
Steve Jang, Founder/CEO, Schemantic Labs
Jolie O’Dell, Writer, VentureBeat
Jeff Roberto, Director of Consumer Marketing, Shazam
Mitch Rotter, SVP Marketing/Product Development, UMGD
Michael Schneider, CEO, Mobile Roadie
J Sider, CEO/Founder, RootMusic
Jeff Toig, Founder & General Manager, Muve Music
…And Many More!

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