Bat cave check-insLocation-based check-in service Foursquare today revised how it handles people who choose to check-in at their home or other personal addresses (say, grandma’s house).

The revision enhances the privacy of Foursquare users who want to share their locations at all times.

“A lot of people love checking in to their homes on foursquare. They want to be Mayor of their house, or they may want their friends to know they made it home safe after a night out, or they may be tracking the time they wake up every morning with a quick check-in. It’s obviously an important part of your day,” Foursquare said on its blog.

Previously, venues that were categorized as “homes” only showed up in the “nearby places” list if you were friends with the creator of the venue, if you’d checked in there before, or if you searched for it specifically by name.

As part of the revisions, Foursquare has also decided to hide personal addresses on the venue page unless you’re friends with the person viewing the information. Additionally, the company only allows friends to see the location pin placed on the venue page’s map listing.

Foursquare also did a massive sweep of its venue database and re-categorized several venues as homes to make sure everyone gets the benefits of these new privacy filters.

Image via Agent X Comics