SweetLabs has raised $13 million in funding to bring the one-click app experience to the desktop computer.

The San Diego, Calif. company makes an app platform called Pokki, which lets developers create and distribute rich connected desktop apps using standard web languages such as HTML5. e also runs the Open Candy ad network, which offers recommendations to users when they are downloading and installing apps. Open Candy has powered more than 400 million desktop app installs since the product launched in 2008.

SweetLabs launched Pokki for beta testing in June. The idea is to create an easy-to-use app platform that is similar to the app experience users enjoy on smartphones and tablets. The company will use the money to expand that platform. SweetLabs will also expand its Ope nCandy ad network.

Intel Capital led the round. The investment fits with Intel’s strategic goals, since SweetLabs aims to reinvigorate the PC for the age of apps. Existing investors Google Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners also participated. Darrius Thompson, chief executive, said that the PC is the largest platform for applications, but it is the most underserved when it comes to apps.