Payroll and HR services provider ADP on Monday launched a new cloud-based suite called Vantage HCM that will provide an incredible amount of resources to HR professionals and the employees they service.

“Vantage will help HR departments with over 95 percent of their needs,” Don Weinstein, senior VP of product management at ADP, told VentureBeat.

ADP is best known for processing the payroll checks of 1 out of 6 American workers, but it is also one of the oldest cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers in the country. However, it is taking a huge leap with the Vantage software suite by broadening its scope and putting almost all of the tools HR managers need in a single place.

ADP spent 18 months developing Vantage HCM and describes it as “the industry’s first complete employee lifecycle solution.” It combines five major HR areas: human resource management, benefits administration, payroll services, time, and labor and talent management. By having all of these tools in a single cloud-based dashboard, HR pros can save time and track employee information easier and better than before.

“We have the greatest and deepest footprint in human capital management,” Weinstein said. “Historically we designed for HR departments, but this time around we’re developing for employees and managers in mind.”

Previously, ADP offered payroll and HR-specific services in different kinds of packaging. The Vantage HCM suite unifies all the services and allows them to better interact to provide more up-to-date information and interactivity. However, Weinstein noted that Vantage currently does not integrate tools like behavioral assessments or reward programs that HR professionals often use.

Another important element to Vantage is its wide-ranging mobile accessibility. The service works through ADP-built apps and mobile browsers for smartphones and tablets, on top of running on PCs. ADP has native apps for iOS and can be used through mobile-optimized sites on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices. Weinstein said 30,000 ADP clients are already using mobile-based ADP services.

ADP currently serves 570,000 clients across the globe and has more than 200,000 clients using its cloud-based services. Some of ADP’s biggest customers include Alcoa, Sodexo and Swiss Re.

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