enkataCustomer and workforce analytics software company Enkata on Monday announced it has raised a new $4.4 million funding round, with goals of expanding the company and continuing to help improve customer service tools.

“We’re repurposing the industrial engineering techniques from the 1950s and ’60s and applying them to the service industry,” Enkata CEO David Stamm told VentureBeat.

Enkata provides wide-ranging cloud-based software to several Fortune 500 countries to them improve call center management and customer service techniques. The software types include tracking customer calls, claims processing, quality assurance functions, and agent management.

Current high-profile Enkata customers include Sprint, Aetna, Chase, Citibank and United Healthcare. Stamm said these companies have responded especially well to Enkata’s software because customers more often have their problems solved on the first call.

“One of the biggest goals for companies to have the best customer service and rank at the top of JD Power and Associates rankings,” Stamm said. “We make that possible.”

The company’s new $4.4 million round was led by new investor IT Farm Corporation. At first appears that amount appears a little small for a traditional third round of funding, but Stamm, who is also the company’s largest individual investor, said the company chose to keep the amount smaller to cause as little share dilution as possible.

“We could have easily got as much as $15 million for the round if we wanted,” Stamm said. “But this wasn’t a typical venture round. We had very specific goals in mind.”

Redwood City, Calif.-based Enkata last raised $8 million back in February 2008, with Sigma Partners and Apex Venture Partners leading that funding. The company’s funding including the new round now totals $18 million.

Stamm said he also plans to expand the 100-employee company by another 40 jobs in the next 12 months. He said Enkata would soon open an office in the U.K. with a goal of furthering its worldwide reach.

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