Western Digital reported today that the production of its hard drives in Thailand have been jeopardized because of severe flooding in the region near Bangkok.

The company said that hard drive production will be constrained in the current quarter. The company added that its 37,000 employees are safe and so are its actual facilities. But the thread of flooding has caused a suspension of production. How long this will impact production is yet to be determined.

The reports show that global production still carries its risks, since natural disasters are still common around the world. Irvine, Calif.-based WD is one of the world’s biggest makers of hard disk drives. In the quarter ending July 1, 2011, the company shipped 54 million hard drives from its facilities in Thailand and Malaysia. About 60 percent of the production was in Thailand.

Floods have inundated hundreds of villages and towns in Thailand, covering 2.5 million acres of farmland in water.

[photo credit: CNN]