AkamaiPlease join VentureBeat and Akamai for an interactive online webinar on how to quickly position a new media startup for growth in online services. The webinar will take place Tuesday, November 29 at 11am PST, and you can sign up here.

Most people know Akamai as a content delivery service for huge brands that have a lot of Internet traffic. But Akamai is also very focused on providing online performance for web startups.

The webinar will be moderated by Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat and a longtime Silicon Valley tech writer. Speakers will include Mark Barron, principal solutions engineer at Akamai; Jacques Chamberland, CEO of Huge Monster; Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder of Innovid; and Max Haot CEO & Founder of Livestream. We’re expecting a lively discussion about their successful case studies, followed by a full Q&A session at the end.

Online media is experiencing explosive growth. Whether in video, social media, gaming or publishing, the opportunity for emerging media companies is unprecedented. Never before have new online businesses garnered customers, traffic, and in many cases revenue, at the pace that is being witnessed in new media today.

Consequently, emerging media companies need to be built for growth from the beginning, with partners that can deliver scale, performance and reliability, as well as personalized services and suitable pricing models.

These requirements are most critical for new media startups’ online delivery partners, which must now also support multiple networks, devices/screens, and cross platform interactivity. Additionally, security and monetization considerations must be tied in to the overall quality of experience.

This webinar will discuss how Akamai’s comprehensive solutions for emerging media companies can help your organization by providing:

  • Scale, performance, and reliability designed to facilitate the expansion and evolution of your online business.
  • Support for multiple networks and cross platform three-screen experiences through intelligent processing of content at the edge.
  • Robust security, guaranteed uptime, and data protection across the network.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to support metrics-driven business decisions.

Join the discussion as VentureBeat and Akamai explore building new media startups for growth. Sign up here.