Slingplayer Boxee AppSling Media launched a new Slingplayer application for streaming media set-top box Boxee, the company revealed today.

The Slingplayer is an extension of the company’s Slingbox set-top box, which allows owners to stream content from their cable or satellite television service providers to a variety of platforms. The Slingplayer is currently available via the web, Android devices, iOS devices and Facebook.

Essentially, pairing your Slingbox with Boxee gives you the ability to watch cable through your Boxee Box. Yet, to do that it’ll cost you quite a bit of money. The Slingboxes cost between $179 and $349 and require some kind of cable or satellite monthly service ($50 to $200), while the Boxee Box runs $179. (Although, you can run the Boxee software on a computer for free.) With that said, I’m wondering how many people actually own both set-top devices.

Another thing that strikes me as odd about this announcement is that Boxee users typically don’t like paying for a cable subscription. As we recently reported, Boxee’s CEO points this out in a recent blog post introducing the company’s new Live TV stick.

Still, there’s something to be said for making sure your service is supported on a large number of platforms, which is a strategy that has served Netflix well. In that regard, putting the Slingplayer on the Boxee does make sense. However, I am surprised that the company produced a Boxee app prior to launching one for the Google TV platform, which — unlike Boxee — is intended to complement existing cable services.