It’s time for lonely robots to get in on the social media scene. Forget Twitter or Facebook, robots now have their very own social network, called MyRobots.

Launched on December 20th by RobotShop, the social network aims to connect robots and other intelligent electronic devices to the Internet. Instead of posts about how much fun they had with friends last night, robots can post useful updates such as “My battery is low” or “Help me, I’m stuck in a corner.” Updates from the robots are automatic and can be monitored by the robot’s human companion. You can also control your robots remotely and monitor their needs from MyRobots.

Right now computers, Arduino controlled devices and a few robots such as the  NAO Humanoid Robot can connect to the service to post updates. RobotShop also created a serial-to-ethernet gateway that connects any unsupported device to MyRobots. Other robots will be able to connect soon, including the floor-cleaning Roomba.

The service is completely free and operates on an open-source application programming interface (API). So go ahead, connect your robots and let the socializing begin.

Via Forbes