Chances are, if reading tech blogs is what you do with your Saturday, you’re gonna love this video.

It features an all-star cast: VentureBeat CTO Chris Peri, “alien chic” bewigged Jolie O’Dell, and a server rack so fast you could whiten your teeth just thinking about it.

We shot this week’s episode in the thick of a party we just co-hosted with server tech company Fusion-io and DEMO. Held in trendy San Francisco bar Temple, it was one of the coolest events we’ve been to since, like, the nineties. We had go-go dancers, a wall of mist bearing video projects, a psychedelic soundtrack, and special guests Steve “The Woz” Wozniak and Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy.

To see Nimoy’s talk in toto, check out this awesome video. Also, we have a lovely clip of Woz and Nimoy onstage together, if you’re in the mood for a geekgasm to end all geekgasms.

And yes, both Peri and O’Dell actually spoke with and physically touched Mr. Nimoy. Written expressions of jealousy may be addressed to VentureBeat’s main office.