Redbox, the dollar-a-day DVD rental kiosk company, has launched a new promotion where customers can earn discounts by partaking in movie trivia.

The trivia is powered by Scene It?, the popular multiplayer trivia game, and can earn you up to 50 cents off a single rental every day. That’s a 50% discount, assuming you reserved your DVD online before picking it up. (Otherwise it’s $1.20 now.)

You’ll be given 60 seconds to answer five questions, each worth a 10 cent discount. You can use two different lifesavers in case you’re stuck, or just skip to a new question. Although the discount is limited to once per day, you can play the trivia for fun as much as you’d like.

You can see my results below. Not to toot my own very humble horn, but I’m kind of the greatest trivia master of our entire generation, so naturally I got all five right… while taking screencaps. And solving a Rubik’s cube. With my mind.

If you act fast you can have my promo code, as I still need to finish Bunraku before 9pm tonight…

Now bring on the video game trivia!