Lance Armstrong Mobli

Mobli, a video sharing website, can add Lance Armstrong to its list of celebrity endorsers today. The famed cyclist is joining the company’s board and starting his own Mobli channel.

Mobli’s goal is to show you life through another person’s eyes. It does this by allowing people to set up channels, similar to YouTube, where they can post pictures and video, as well as search for image-based content through certain verticals. These verticals include food, music, fashion, cars, sports, and more. Its other purpose is to allow people access to a person who is usually inaccessible, such as celebrities and political figures. You know the behind the scenes interviews that make channels like E! so popular? Mobli is similar, only the content comes directly from the celebrity.

Celebrities have seemingly taken to Mobli. In October, the company added Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor and advisor, now Armstrong is on its board, and others such as Paris Hilton, David Arquette, and Jaime King have channels.

“When I was first introduced to Mobli, I immediately thought it was an extraordinary platform and an innovative yet accessible way for different audiences to share their stories,” said Armstrong in a statement. “I’m excited to use Mobli as a direct channel for my social media followers to get a personal look at my experiences day to day.”

It seems the entertainment industry isn’t shy to investing time or money into technology any more. Now, celebrity investors are putting their names on startups all over Silicon Valley. Ashton Kutcher is a big name in this celebrity tech ring, with investments in companies like Zaarly, Hipmunk, and Airbnb. Also on the list are singers Will.I.Am, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga.

We asked Mobli chief exectuive Moshiko Hogeg what exactly celebrity investors could contribute to a tech company when DiCaprio invested. He explained that it wasn’t for their tech know-how, but rather their experience in marketing. Having a celebrity on your board doesn’t hurt in terms of getting the word out either.

Armstrong will be sharing original content through his channel and plans to broadcast a special charity bike ride on the site as well. Alongside this venture, Mobli has also formed partnerships with Armstrong’s agent Bill Stapleton as well as best-selling author Andrew Razeghi.