The commemorative ticket stub that many cherish as a reminder of when they rocked out to Van Halen in concert may soon be relic if Event Farm has any say in the matter.

The company, which makes online ticketing and registration software, has released a mobile app that does away with paper tickets and processes payments at the door of an event.

Event Farm’s newly released iOS and Android app can sell tickets, check guests into an event, and process credit and cash payments. The payment system works with a card swiper from ROAM Data, the same company that makes Intuit’s mobile payment system. The software is fully electronic and eliminates the need for barcodes or paper tickets.

“What is groundbreaking about what we are doing is that our app is fully integrated into our ticketing platform,” said co-founder and CEO of Event Farm Ryan Costello in a statement.

“We are not just independently charging credit cards on a mobile device. Ticket inventories on the app are synced with sales happening in real time online and vice versa.”

Event Farm’s new app competes with Evenbrite’s Entry Manager app for Android and iPhone. Eventbrite has a slightly different system; the general public can use Eventbrite’s website and general mobile app to purchase tickets and then go to the event and check in with their phones. Event Farm is used by event organizers to check people in at events and sell tickets at the door. Unlike Event Farm’s new app, Eventbrite’s Entry Manager app can’t process credit and cash payments at the event.

Event Farm was founded in 2003 for event producers to making registration and ticketing at events easier.