Ad company OpenX, which helps publishers and enterprise companies sell valuable ad space, said today it has acquired LiftDNA, which helps find untapped ad sources and track how much money publishers make off of ad campaigns.

OpenX is an ad-serving company that takes a holistic approach to managing ad campaigns and inventory. The company set out to combat a problem most publishers face: the need to manage multiple ad services with different companies.

In February 2011, OpenX launched OpenX Enterprise, an ad server and ad exchange that helps publishers manage several advertising services in one place. When it first launched, the company touted OpenX Enterprise as its first product to beat out competitors like Google’s DoubleClick by offering publishers a more holistic view of their ad inventory.

“Everything is built into the ad server — impressions come up from sales, bids are in one place — no one else does that,” OpenX’s chief executive, Tim Cadogan (pictured above), told VentureBeat, “Fundamentally, we are different because we are open and neutral from a publisher standpoint, unlike Google whose revenue comes mainly from ads.”

LiftDNA is a supply-side platform that helps publishers find untapped ad revenue and manages insights from publisher’s ad campaigns. With the acquisition, OpenX is releasing a new product called LiftDNA by OpenX, which will offer a large inventory of ads. The product will combine services from both companies, which have been working closely together for several months.

“LiftDNA drives more revenue for publishers, leverages the data and insights in the ad server to be more intelligent, and helps manage ad networks,” LiftDNA’s chief executive, Vadim Telyatnikov, told VentureBeat.

OpenX’s main competitor is Google’s DoubleClick, but the company’s CEO, Cadogan, said both Google and Microsoft are active in the space and that OpenX has its eyes on what those companies will do in the future.

OpenX’s clients include daily-deals site Groupon and Orange-France Telecom. The company has raised $50 million from SAP Ventures, AOL Ventures, Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Presidio Ventures, Accel Partners, and Index Ventures. OpenX is based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Philadelphia, London, and Japan.