Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai will be leaving the company this month, but it’s unclear what his next move will be, according to blog post by Selvadurai.

Selvadurai writes:

After three years, I feel I’ve done all I can do and I’m moving on. [CEO] Dennis [Crowley] and I have been discussing timing for a while, and we decided that now, on this anniversary, it feels right to begin the transition. So this will be my last month working at foursquare. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking a step back as my final projects near their release.

Selvadurai has worked in several roles at Foursquare in his time at the company, including product management, engineering, and evangelizing. One moment in his career we enjoyed was a panel discussion he participated in at last year’s SXSW conference. Selvadurai made the case that data overload was becoming a serious issue, but companies like Foursquare could help make it manageable by creating “better interfaces and better algorithms” to better filter and deliver data.

In his departure blog post, Selvadurai did not indicate what he would be doing next. “I’m not sure about my exact next steps, but I’ll probably get back to what I love most — being an entrepreneur, learning, and building new things,” he wrote.

We expect he will soon land elsewhere or start a new company himself.

If you know where he’s headed or have more details about what happened behind the scenes, drop me a line at

Naveen Selvadurai photo: Beth Kanter/Flickr