At VentureBeat, we come across a lot of funding news every day. In order to bring you the most information possible, we’re rounding up the quick-and-dirty details for the funding deals of the day and serving them up here in our new “Funding daily” column. Get your daily dose of deals every evening and stay on top of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley and beyond. raises $10 million, a Russian Expedia-like site, announced Tuesday it has raised $10 million from VTB Capital, MangroveCapital Partners, Ventech Capital, and ABRT. The site offers online hotel booking and travel services. This new funding brings’s total funding to $15 million.

Mobiles Republic closes a $3 million round

Mobiles Republic, a mobile, tablet, and PC application builder, announced it has raised $3 million in its first round of funding. The company’s four apps focus on news, business, beauty, and geek topics, using its TagNav semantic search to find relevant information for its app users. XAnge Private Equity, a French venture capital firm, and Creathor Ventures led the round.

Gridtest nabs some seed money

Gridtest Systems tests the safety and efficiency of electric vehicle charging stations. The company announced Tuesday that is has received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Pasadena Angels and Tech Coast Angels.

Albeo grabs $8 million

Albeo, a company that manufactures commercial and industrial LED lighting, has closed its second round of funding for $8 million. Braemar Energy Ventures led the round, with participation from Green Spark Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. The round is split between $6.5 million of equity and $1.5 million of working capital.

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