breezi 2

Drag-and-drop website builders are nothing new, but Breezi is hoping to shake the space up just a little bit. Breezi’s website builder is aimed at “creative types” and designers who are clueless about website building but want complete control over how their website looks.

I say the service is for obsessive designers, because Breezi provides “pixel level control” over the look and feel of a website created on its platform. Down to the darn pixel, you can control how much space anything takes up on a page, how large the font displays, how wide a column is, and anything else a designer might freak out over. True to its drag-and-drop nature, you don’t have to muck around in HTML or CSS to exert your full control.

“We are bridging gap between Dreamweaver and template pickers, offering website building to people who are designers, but not coders,” said Breezi co-founder Chris Anderson in an interview with VentureBeat.

The interface looks like it was built with graphic designers in mind. Certain features mimic actions you’d see in Photoshop, such as the image editor. Breezi also includes apps, which add features such as carousels and galleries, and social networking widgets to a website.

Because even the most savvy designer needs a place to start, and no website builder would be complete without them, Breezi has several templates to choose from. And like any good old website builder, you can tear them apart to your liking.

If pixel-level control doesn’t matter to you, a ton of other website builders exist, such as WixMoonfruit, and Basekit, which all have full drag-and-drop features. Or you could also buck up, learn a little HTML and CSS, and build a website with WordPress or Blogger. Codecademy will even help you learn HTML now.

Breezi is open to the public now and is making the service free for anyone who signs up before the end of April. The service was created by Freshout, a Berkeley, Calif. product development agency, and is self-funded.