As men everywhere lament the end of spring’s most electric sports competition, now is the time to reflect and make sense of March Madness — in terms of tweets, that is.

The college basketball tourney, which came to a close last night with Kentucky’s eight point win over Kansas, served as the catalyst for 2,065,060 tournament-related tweets between March 15 and April 2, according to email marketing company ExactTarget.

“Final Four” was the top trending word with 466,492 tweets, and ESPN’s SportsCenter Twitter account had the most popular tweet of the tourney. SportsCenter’s tweet about two perfect brackets remaining after Norfolk State’s win over Mizzou generated 6,972 retweets.

And, according to Twitter’s official calculations, people sent more than 30,000 tweets per minute after the championship game was in the books. Before the finale, conversation peaked on March 25 when Kentucky and Kansas advanced to the Final Four, feats that caused an influx of one million tournament-related tweets for the day, Twitter said.

Did your team register in all the Twitter insanity? Have a look at the infographic below.

Photo credit: iDream_in_Infrared/Flickr