Imagine the zombie apocalypse has finally hit and you’re scrambling to find shelter, food, and a sawed-off. In between shooting zombies in the head, you can grab a computer and go to Map of the Dead, a website that turns Google Maps into a zombie survival map.

I had a roommate in college who planned out what she would do if zombies attacked. I was not as prepared. While she was plotting ways to make it to the marina, commandeer a boat, and sail into the Pacific Ocean (because zombies can’t swim apparently), I was concentrating on more important things, like nachos and baseball. Should an 28 Days Later situation arise, I would need Map of the Dead to survive.

This helpful website overlays Google Maps with “Danger Zones,” areas with man-made structures where zombies could easily attack you. In San Francisco, that’s pretty much the entire city, save for Golden Gate Park. And because escaping hoard of brain-hungry zombies is only half the battle, the map outlines grocery stores, gun stores, airports, harbors, and other places where you can get supplies to fight the uprising.

Since you can bet the Internet will go down in the wake of a zombie attack, print out the map ahead of time, laminate it, and save it in your zombie survival kit right next to your shotgun. As long as you’re doing advanced prep, brush up on the CDC’s zombie preparedness guidelines.

Advertising agency Doejo released the map, hoping to help us all when there is no hope left. I don’t know you about you, but I feel safer now.