Continuing its efforts to bring computer-automated design (CAD) to the cloud, Sunglass is today announcing integration with four popular CAD tools, as well as cloud storage services, using its new API.

The company is integrating with SolidWorks, SketchUp, Processing, and Rhino to easily upload CAD designs to Sunglass’ online editor. Additionally, Sunglass now lets you grab and save models to cloud storage companies DropBox and Box. All of the announcements aim to prove just how useful the Sunglass API is, which any developer can use to integrate with the cloud CAD company.

“Our long-term hope is to be the Github of 3D,” co-founder Nitin Rao told VentureBeat in an interview yesterday, referring to the popular online repository for software development. Within the next few months, Rao said, the company wants to implement streaming and version control, features that would make collaborating on 3D projects easier (and notably, things that would be virtually impossible without a platform like Sunglass).

Since launching Sunglass in private beta testing last month, Rao said, he’s been surprised by some of the way people have been using the platform. For example, members of the online world Second Life have taken to using Sunglass to design virtual clothing, buildings, and other objects. He was also surprised by the amount of interest people have shown in the company’s app store, which developers can use to purchase and sell their own 3D tools for Sunglass. Rao said there were developers already sitting on interesting tools that could eventually make a splash in the app store.

The company wanted to kick start its API release by integrating with the above tools, which were chosen because they each offered different capabilities. Rao said Sunglass wants to send an overall message of partnership to the CAD software world (we can’t wait to see how CAD titan AutoDesk responds to this gesture).

Sunglass is also aiming to become more fully-featured over the next few months. Rao said the company is working on a way to enable phone calls within its cloud platform using Twilio, which would make it easier for users to collabroate.

Sunglass is based in San Francisco, Calif., and was founded in May 2011. It isn’t yet discussing funding details.