Email-management startup SendGrid has partnered with leading Platform-as-a-Service providers including Heroku, Engine Yard, and CloudBees, the company announced today.

SendGrid helps more than 60,000 web application companies and developers send all kinds of emails to their customers, including shipping notifications, sign-up confirmations, and even notes to let you know you’ve earned a new “badge” on Foursquare. SendGrid customers include Pinterest, Airbnb, Twilio, Spotify, and Pandora.

Now SendGrid has added more integration partners so even more folks can use and get exposure to the service. People who use cloud development platforms Heroku, Engine Yard, Cloudbees, Standing Cloud, and AppHarbor will now have more incentive to use SendGrid as their email manager of choice. Prior to this, SendGrid had partnered with cloud infrastructure services Rackspace, SoftLayer, and HP Cloud Services. SendGrid’s cloud bases are clearly covered.

Boulder, Colo.- and Anaheim, Calif.-based SendGrid graduated from the TechStars program in 2009 and has received about $27 million in total funding. Investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Foundry Group, Highway 12 Ventures, SoftTechVC, 500 Startups, and Bullet Time Ventures.

Check out the video explaining SendGrid below: