Stitch Labs, a startup that helps small business owners track orders, inventory, and shipping, has rolled out a free option.

The San Francisco-based startup is an inventory management tool that promises to make it easier to run a business. Stitch Labs grew its user base last year when the company began partnering with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy, where millions of people sell their wares.

In May, we covered the company’s integration with BigCommerce, a site that boasts 25,000 storefronts. At that time, pricing started at $12 per month for single-person businesses.

A word of caution: the free service isn’t available to all Stitch Labs’ users.

The company’s business development lead, Jake Gasaway, told me that there were different kinds of sellers using the platform. The team noticed that some users were hawking their crafts on at least two e-commerce sites. They can trial the product for two weeks for free, before forking over $25 a month. But 80 percent of smaller sellers with only one sales channel can permanently use the product for zero dollars.

The company recently updated its product so sellers can input sales and marketing data, like email marketing lists, to generate visual reports. This week, the team also announced it has leapt on the cloud bandwagon. To help users access their reports from anywhere, Stitch Labs has integrated with Google Drive.

Already using Stitch Labs? Watch the video below to learn how to export your data to the cloud.