Digital identity protector OneID has partnered with four large e-commerce platforms so more shoppers can safely and conveniently make purchases online using just one password.

OneID provides customers with an account that can be used across multiple websites and payment systems. The technology authenticates user identity, while also consolidating all financial information into one secure location.

The vendor partners are Marketlive, Jagged Peak, ShopVisible, and Acadaca. By further integrating its services with e-commerce software, OneID provides retailers and customers with a more streamlined checkout process and greater confidence that sensitive data will not be hacked. These new partnerships will bring the benefits of OneID’s single sign-in to millions of people a year.

OneID was launched in March by six-time entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who sold one of his former companies, Infoseek, for a reported $1.7 billion. Considering how sensitive the data is and how complicated the technology, it took someone with his credentials to execute the product.

The company raised $7 million in April from Khosla Ventures to expand its user base. To do this, strategic partnerships were necessary because OneID customers are not consumers but rather e-commerce providers.

Today’s announcement is a further step in that direction. A few more partnerships, and passwords can be saved for fun stuff, like speakeasies and Top Secret CIA missions.