Yesterday, I masqueraded as a sci-fi nerd. Today, I’m letting my true [tie-dye] colors fly as I raise my hippie flag and incorporate social responsibility, sunshine, rainbows, and yes, even a hint of marijuana into the funding news.

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Dutch startup raises $1.6M to introduce structure to dazed and confused data

Dutch company Silk completed a $1.6 million seed round from NEA, with participation from existing investor Atomica and angel investors. Silk is a cloud-based platform where users can store, search, and share information. This can be anything from family photos to work documents.

However, the technology is more advanced than a simple collection service because it also provides “structure” to the information. The company gives the examples that public transport companies can use it to find patterns in their delays, or human rights organizations can keep track of violations by governments.

TribeHR raises $2.5M to make Human Resources into sunshine and rainbows

TribeHR, a human resources platform that focuses on the social aspect of personnel management, announced today that it’s raised $2.5 million in funding. Relay Ventures led the round, with participation from Matrix Partners.

The software provides traditional services like tracking time off, salary history, and maintaining formal workplace records for administrators. It also enables employees to chart their own progress. People, rather than numbers or documents, are central to TribeHR’s core concept. It focuses on user experience and emphasizes social features, like the ability to share ‘kudos’, intended to promote strong company culture and enhance employee engagement. Read more on VentureBeat. 

Social responsibility be darned: Plink offers rewards for patronizing huge corporations

Yet another company rewarding people for things they like to do has raised money to further feed off human nature. Plink, a Denver-based company that rewards members for dining and shopping at national stores, raised $3 million in its first round from Grotech Ventures.

Plink is a rewards loyalty program where users sign up with their credit/debit card online and earn redeemable points at offline stores. The participating businesses include almost all massive chains like Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Burger King, Taco Bell, and The Gap. In exchange for patronizing massive corporations, users get gift cards and credits to spend at other huge corporations, like Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, and Regal Cinemas.

Cholesterol and labor concerns, we laugh at you with a mouthful of $1 hamburgers.  Read the press release.