Mars landing fan video

Film maker Brandon Fibbs has created a video inspired by the Mars rover touch down on Sunday that gives the rest of us a better idea of the emotions the folks in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) control room were feeling at the time of the event.

Fibbs, who previously created the Penny4Nasa promo video featuring the voice talents of his friend Neil deGrasse Tyson, was on site at the JPL during the Mars landing. “I was compelled to produce something that approximated my experiences,” he said of his latest work.

The $2.5 billion mission’s rover took around seven minutes to make its landing on the red planet’s surface. The car-sized Mars Science Laboratory rover landed in Gale Crater at the foot of a layered mountain. While previous missions focused on finding water on the red planet, the Curiosity mission will look for ancient habitable environments.

Fibbs’ video, titled Dare Mighty Things: Curiosity on Mars, is best described as a theatrical trailer for “Curiosity: The Motion Picture.” It includes a collection of NASA-produced animations, telemetry data, onboard vehicle instrumentation, incident audio, and JPL footage. As for the audio, Fibbs used a portion of the TRON: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk as well as “narration from those NASA/JPL leaders most responsible for transforming one of the most complex engineering feats the agency has ever attempted into one of its proudest, finest hours.”

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