Over the past couple days, funding news has been coming in at a leisurely pace, a summertime pace, if you will. Just a handful of companies made investment announcements, so I have taken the liberty of wrapping them all up in one nice, little package. I hope you are reading it on a lounge chair at a beach with a cocktail in hand. It is August, after all: Don’t people usually go on vacations around this time? Venture capitalists certainly seem to.

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Bain invests $20M in robots for moms

Bain Capital has invested $20 million into 4moms, a Pittsburgh company that focuses on innovative answers to problems parents face … with a more than a dash of technology and automation.

The company produces products such as “MamaRoo,” a calming baby rocker that is basically a multifunction massage chair with five different rocking motions and a built-in iPod dock with speakers. Read more on VentureBeat.

Dey Storage brings in $3M to disencumber data storage for businesses

Dey Storage raises $3 million in funding for its software that allows large data center customers to buy high performance storage at a lower cost than standard hardware models. This seed round includes investment from John Thompson, the CEO of Virtual Instruments; Steven Luczo, the CEO of Seagate; Jim Davidson, the cofounder and managing partner of Silver Lake; and Terry Garnett, the managing director of Garnett Helfrich Capital. Read the press release.

MeeGenius raises $2.4M so kids can read more 

MeeGenius has raised $2.4M from Broadway Angels and Sunrise Capital. MeeGenius is a mobile library for children’s e-books. It has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and has over 700 books available.

That’s all, folks. Now go out and and track down a sea breeze.